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Season Premiere

March 8, 2023

Series Premiere

March 8, 2023

Show Description

Farmer Wants a Wife is the most successful dating show in the world, airing in 32 countries and resulted in 180 marriages and 410 children. In a trend that’s been sweeping America, there’s been a migration from city-centers to suburban and rural locales, and with that, love follows. Hosted by superstar entertainer and Grammy Award winner Jennifer Nettles, this upcoming series follows four hard-working farmers—Ryan Black, Allen Foster, Hunter Grayson and Landon Heaton—in search of real, lasting love. Each farmer hosts a group of single women who leave behind the comfort and convenience of city life for the charms and challenges of country living, as they embark on an adventure that could change the course of their lives forever. The pursuit of genuine love never looked like this as each farmer and their group of hopeful singles meet and mutually select one another before the women are invited to experience life on their respective farm. From there, the farmers show each group what it is really like on an actual working farm, from tending to the land, feeding cattle and baling hay, to the behind-the-scenes business operations. For the ladies, the reality of this way of living may beg the question: how far are you willing to go for love? Together, with the hope of finding their ever-after, they endeavor to discover the beauty, humor, trials and romance that come with finding the one. 

Farmer Wants a Wife is produced by Eureka Productions.  Paul Franklin (The Real Dirty Dancing, Name That Tune), Chris Culvenor (The Mole, The Real Dirty Dancing, Name That Tune), Eden Gaha (MasterChef, The Real Love Boat) and David Tibballs (The Mole, Finding Magic Mike) serve as executive producers. Lauren Taylor Harding serves as an executive producer and the showrunner of the series.