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Season Premiere

May 28, 2024

Series Premiere

May 28, 2024

Show Description

Hosted by actor and comedian Jay Pharoah, The Quiz with Balls pits brains against balls, while combining a high-stakes quiz show with a large-scale physical competition. Each episode of The Quiz with Balls features two families competing for $100,000 in a “battle of the balls.”  


Standing on a high platform over a glistening pool, they must all work together as they face a multiple-choice quiz, during whch each answer is allocated to a spot with a giant ball positioned up behind it. If the correct answer is chosen, the ball rolls down and stops just before colliding with the player. If the answer is wrong, the massive ball rapidly descends and mercilessly launches them into the pool below. The more players each team loses, the harder the questions get. The longer they last, the more money they bank, until one “dry” family member plays the final round for The Quiz with Balls’ $100,000 Grand Prize. 


The Quiz With Balls is produced by Eureka Productions and Talpa Studios. John de Mol, Maarten Meijs, Chris Culvenor, Paul Franklin, Wes Dening and John Leahy serve as executive producers.  Anthony Carbone serves as showrunner and executive producer.