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Series Premiere

January 8, 2023

Show Description

Alert: Missing Persons Unit is a procedural drama set in the Philadelphia Police Department’s Missing Persons Unit (MPU). Each episode features a heart-pounding, life-or-death search for a missing person headed by detectives Jason Grant (Scott Caan) and Nikki Batista (Dania Ramirez). Together with the MPU team, their job is to find the missing or abducted and reunite them with their loved ones. Jason and Nikki, once married, have a very personal connection to these cases as their own young son went missing and was never found. The emotional toll of their son’s disappearance blew up their marriage, but even though they’ve moved on, their bond remains. Nikki now runs MPU, where she and the team do for others what she wasn’t able to do for herself: bring a loved one back home. At MPU, she leads a highly skilled team, including her fiancé  MIKE SHERMAN (Ryan Broussard, Only Murders In The Building), whom Nikki met when he was assigned to oversee the search for her son; KEMI ADEBAYO (Adeola Role, The Blacklist), a spiritually savvy detective with an astonishing knowledge base; and forensic anthropologist C (recurring guest star and newcomer Petey Gibson), who is a master at reconstructing the faces of those who have disappeared. 


As the second season begins, the MPU team step into their new office in headquarters, where Jason and Nikki meet their new boss INSPECTOR HOLLIS BRAUN (Guest Star Gil Bellows, Ally McBeal), who wants to keep a close eye on the team, particularly the unpredictable Jason Grant. Jason brings his old friend in to help with the case: master hacker WAYNE PASCAL (Alisha-Marie Ahamed, Family Law), who he worked with in Afghanistan. Jason conveniently never told Nikki that Wayne was a woman (and a hot one!), which raises issues even as Nikki and Mike plan their wedding. Together, the team works to find the missing or abducted and help reunite them with their loved ones before it’s too late. 


Alert: Missing Persons Unit is co-produced by Sony Pictures Television and FOX Entertainment. Carla Kettner serves as showrunner and executive producer. Jon Cowan, Brandon Sonnier, Brandon Margolis, Sean Hennen, John Eisendrath, Jamie Foxx, Datari Turner and Brad Turner are also executive producers.