INTERVIEWER: Why did you want to become a cop?

AXE COP: I wanted to become a cop so I could beat crime, and have peace in the city.

INTERVIEWER: Why did you pick an axe? Why not a sword or a gun?

AXE COP: It was the only weapon that was on my mind. I think axes are cool. I was looking for a battle axe that's double fire, but all I could find was a fireman axe, so I took it. I don't have to worry because now I have a golden battle axe in my mustache.

INTERVIEWER: How did you pick the people to become the members of your team?

AXE COP: I thought they were really good at fighting because before I became a cop, I was actually in a fighting school and I saw everything to learn about try-outs and how to find a good fighter. I could tell if they were good fighters or not.

INTERVIEWER: Do you have an arch nemesis?

AXE COP: Almost every bad guy in the world.

INTERVIEWER: What’s the best thing about being Axe Cop?

AXE COP: I get to make peace in the universe and beat up bad guys.

INTERVIEWER: What’s the worst thing about being Axe Cop?

AXE COP: I barely get any sleep and I can't have breakfast, so I'm really hungry.

INTERVIEWER: What’s it like having your own show?

AXE COP: I think it would be great. A lot of people would know more about me if they didn’t like freedom. I like watching FOX. I think I could try it out, I like it. As long as they pay me half of the money.

INTERVIEWER: Do you have a favorite adventure?

AXE COP: When we went to the Zombie Planet and beat up all the zombies. That was a goooooood mission. Yeah, that was disgusting.

INTERVIEWER: In the live-action AXE COP movie, who would you want to play you?


INTERVIEWER: If you weren’t a cop, what other profession would you like to be?

AXE COP: A video gamer. Make ‘em and try them. I’d try my own video games.

INTERVIEWER: What was your childhood like?

AXE COP: Very interesting. One reason why I fight crime is because bad guys killed my mother and father, and I wanted to get revenge. I don’t know why I killed a cop but should have killed like a barbarian or something. I’d like to be a barbarian, but I’m stuck with cop.

INTERVIEWER: Did you have a favorite Christmas present?

AXE COP: Not really. I have a least favorite Christmas present. Socks. Socks are the worst Christmas present ever.

INTERVIEWER: Where do you like to go on vacation?

AXE COP: Vacation? Since when do I have vacation? I don't have vacation. I would go and spend half my vacation at Legoland and the Legoland Hotel. Actually half of my summer vacation is basically my vacation. Oh yeah. That would be my vacation, only half of it. And the other half I would go and kill bad guys while they were hanging out and if I saw ‘em the hotel I'd beat 'em down. But it's harder to get into the houses though. That's why on vacation I would actually work there. I would work at the Legoland Hotel. Also I would be able to have axes for alllllll the doors. 

INTERVIEWER: Do you have a favorite food?

AXE COP: Cake.

INTERVIEWER: Favorite kind of music?

AXE COP: Johnny Cash music.

INTERVIEWER: Would you ever want to try out for X FACTOR?

AXE COP: (scoffs) Never! I’m not that good at singing, really.

INTERVIEWER: Who will win the Super Bowl?

AXE COP: Ahh…I don’t know. I’m not sure yet. I haven’t even been to the Super Bowl so I don’t really know what it is.

INTERVIEWER: Who was your first crush?

AXE COP: When I met the Water Queen as a kid, I had a secret crush on her. I never told her or anybody. Please don't tell anybody else. Are you recording this?

INTERVIEWER: Are you excited that 24 is coming back?

AXE COP: No but my dad watches it, well did. I do not like 24, it’s just weird, and too bloody and violent. I mean, really, there’s a guy who’s gonna kill someone with a blow

torch by burning some guy’s skin and also cutting him? That’s disgusting!

INTERVIEWER: Would you ever be a judge on American Idol?

AXE COP: Probably, yeah.

INTERVIEWER: Favorite kind of pizza?

AXE COP: Sausage.

INTERVIEWER:  Do you have a best friend?

AXE COP: I have best friends all around me. I have Wexter, the people who live on the Snow Planet, uh the people in the whole entire universe are my friends.

INTERVIEWER: That's all the questions. Anything else you want to say?

AXE COP: Rock on and see you later. See you on my TV show. Hasta la vista. 

INTERVIEWER: Do you have any safety advice for anyone? 

AXE COP: Never run around with scissors. Or never run around with a spear, even a fake one. You can poke someone in the eye. It can really hurt. And remember, always have a hard hat with you, just in case there is a short cut that they are building on, you can put it on, if you're going with a friend, you can stand on each other and then look like you’re a construction worker and walk through and when no one is looking you leave and take off the clothes and get off each other’s shoulders and finish. Yeah. You should always have a hard hat with you. 






Part of the All-New ANIMATION DOMINATION HIGH-DEF Programming Block

AXE COP, one of two new quarter-hour ANIMATION DOMINATION HIGH-DEF series, is an action-comedy about the baddest superhero who ever existed. In the “Night Mission: Stealing Friends Back” episode of AXE COP, badass crime fighter AXE COP heads out on a special night mission with the help of his partner, FLUTE COP (Ken Marino), and sidekicks GREY DIAMOND (guest voice Rob Heubel), ARMY CHIHUAHUA (guest voice Giancarlo Esposito) and LIBORG (guest voice Tyler, the Creator), when fellow superhero BAT WARTHOG MAN’s (guest voice Vincent Kartheiser) friends go missing. Tune in to the “Night Mission: Stealing Friends Back” episode of AXE COP airing Saturday, July 27 (11:30-11:45 PM ET/PT) on FOX. 


Voice Cast: Ken Marino as Flute Cop

Guest Voice Cast: Rob Heubel as Grey Diamond; Giancarlo Esposito as Army Chihuahua; Tyler, the Creator as Liborg; Vincent Kartheiser as Bat Warthog Man

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