For the First Time, KRAPOPOLIS Unveils an Immersive Experience Just for Fans, Featuring an Exclusive Panel With Never-Before-Seen Footage, Spectacular Outdoor Activation, FOX Entertainment’s First-Ever Comic-Con Booth, Autograph Signing with Cast and Producers, and Sweepstakes to Win a Trip to Greece

KRAPOPOLIS, FOX Entertainment’s upcoming animated series from Emmy Award-winning creator and executive producer Dan Harmon (co-creator of “Rick and Morty”), will make its San Diego Comic-Con debut this month, when it will give fans their first look ever at the new series. Set in mythical ancient Greece and featuring the voices of Emmy winner Hannah Waddingham (“Ted Lasso”), Richard Ayoade (“The IT Crowd”), Matt Berry (“What We Do in The Shadows”), Pam Murphy (“Mapleworth Murders”) and Duncan Trussell (“The Midnight Gospel”), KRAPOPOLIS centers on a flawed family of humans, gods and monsters that tries to run one of the world’s first cities without killing each other. The series is set to premiere on FOX in 2023.

Fans at Comic-Con will be able to literally slide into KRAPOPOLIS at the engaging, fun-for-all-ages, outdoor activation in front of the San Diego Convention Center at the Children’s Museum Park, located at W. Island Avenue and Front Street. Open to the public from Thursday, July 21 (10:00 AM – 7:00 PM) through Sunday, July 24 (10:00 AM – 4:00 PM), attendees will travel 40 feet up to go down a 70-foot slide for the ride of their life into the center of the activation. Throughout the space, fans also will find a photo opportunity with the characters from the series and a chance to enter a sweepstakes to win a trip for two to Greece.

Fans also can experience the newly revealed Medusa Instagram game, available via QR code within the space, and see how long they can avoid her gaze before they get stoned! Additionally, the characters Stupendous, Tyrannis, Deliria, Shlub and Hippocampus will be towering over Comic-Con attendees on new artwork, which will be revealed on the colossal Omni Hotel in downtown San Diego starting on July 19.

The KRAPOPOLIS creative team and voice actors, including Harmon, executive producer and showrunner Jordan Young, supervising director Pete Michels and stars Berry, Murphy and Trussell, will participate in the comedy’s first ever Comic-Con panel in room 6BCF in the Convention Center on Saturday, July 23, at 2:45 PM.  The hour-long panel also will give fans an early sneak peek at exclusive content from the series and discuss their plans for KRAPOPOLIS, which marks the first-ever animated series to be curated entirely on the blockchain by FOX Entertainment’s Web3 media company, Blockchain Creative Labs.

Within the Convention Center, fans can visit FOX Entertainment’s first-ever Comic-Con booth for exclusive KRAPOPOLIS merchandise sold in partnership with Toddland, and a photo opportunity with characters from the series. On Saturday, July 23, at 4:30 PM, attendees can meet the cast and creative team and receive autographed KRAPOPOLIS posters. Tickets for the signing will be distributed at booth #4423 on Saturday morning on a first come, first serve basis.

Wholly owned by FOX Entertainment and produced by its Emmy-winning animation studio, Bento Box Entertainment, KRAPOPOLIS is an outgrowth of Harmon’s direct animation deal with FOX Entertainment. In the series, Ayoade voices “Tyrannis,” the mortal son of a goddess. He’s the benevolent King of Krapopolis trying to make do in a city that lives up to its name. Waddingham plays “Deliria,” Tyrannis’ mother, goddess of self-destruction and questionable choices. Within her extended Olympian family – forged in patricide and infidelity – she’s known as the trashy one. Berry is “Shlub,” Tyrannis’ father, a mantitaur (half centaur [horse + human], half manticore [lion + human + scorpion]). He is oversexed and underemployed, claims to be an artist and has literally never paid for anything, in any sense of that word, for his entire life. Murphy voices “Stupendous,” Tyrannis’ half-sister, daughter of Deliria and a cyclops. Trussell plays “Hippocampus,” Tyrannis’ half-brother, offspring of Shlub and a mermaid, and, obviously, a hot mess, biologically speaking.

Additionally, in partnership with studio, 20th Television Animation, a part of Disney Television Studios, FOX’s beloved animated series, BOB’S BURGERS (Friday, July 22, 3:00 PM, Indigo), THE GREAT NORTH (Friday, July 22, 7:00 PM, 6BCF), THE SIMPSONS (Saturday, July 23, 11:30 AM, Ballroom 20) and FAMILY GUY (Saturday, July 23, 1:15 PM, Ballroom 20) will have panels throughout the Comic-Con weekend.