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Season Premiere

September 20, 2022

Series Premiere

January 21, 2018

Show Description

The compelling medical drama THE RESIDENT follows the doctors and nurses at Chastain Memorial Park Hospital. They work tirelessly to solve intricate medical cases, stopping at nothing to save their patients while facing challenges in their own lives.

Season Five was a tumultuous journey, as our heroes at Chastain weathered several storms, including the devastating loss of the beloved Nurse Practitioner Nicolette Nevin. Now, entering a cutting-edge and electrifying sixth season, the stakes are at an all-time high. This season, pertinent topics are touched upon that push our characters to the limit while fighting for their patients’ lives. The season kicks off six months after we’ve last seen our heroes at Chastain. Chastain’s quality of care is put at risk and it’s up to our doctors to shine a light on the effects political corruption has on the healthcare system.

In the season premiere, DR. CONRAD HAWKINS (Matt Czuchry) cozies up with his new love interest. Who will it be, DR. BILLIE SUTTON (Jessica Lucas) or DR. KINCAID (CADE) SULLIVAN (Kaley Ronayne)? Conrad’s journey continues as he balances his new love life, single fatherhood and saving patients at Chastain. Elsewhere, we’re catapulted into a gripping medical emergency for PADMA DEVI (guest star Aneesha Joshi) and her unborn twins, that will showcase the skills of Chastain’s new top pediatric surgeon, DR. IAN SULLIVAN (Andrew McCarthy), as he hides a dark secret surrounding addiction. If Ian's secret leaks, it can cost him his job and his relationship with his daughter, Cade. Stepping into fatherhood, we’ll see another side of the “Raptor” or DR. AJ AUSTIN (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) as he supports Padma all the way. The power couple DR. DEVON PRAVESH (Manish Dayal) and DR. LEELA DEVI (Anuja Joshi) shine as Devon leads his own clinical trials and Leela is appointed Chief Resident. Chastain’s CEO, DR. KIT VOSS (Emmy Award and Golden Globe winner Jane Leeves), feels the stress of running a hospital when resources are low, and a new potential governor threatens to cut Chastain’s funding, all while supporting her love DR. RANDOLPH BELL (Bruce Greenwood) through his battle with MS. This is a season of renewal and transformation for the doctors at Chastain as they step into new phases of their personal and professional lives.

THE RESIDENT is produced by 20th Television. The series’ executive producers include Amy Holden Jones, Andrew Chapman, Rob Corn, Oly Obst, Antoine Fuqua, Marc Halsey, Joy Gregory and Matt Czuchry.