CRAIG ROBINSON - (Leroy Wright; Executive Producer, GHOSTED)
Craig Robinson is a comedian, actor and musician best known for his portrayal of “Daryl Philban” on “The Office.” He also has been seen in recurring roles on BROOKLYN NINE-NINE and “Mr. Robot.” On...
ADAM SCOTT - (Max Jennifer; Executive Producer, GHOSTED)
Adam Scott is an award-winning actor, director and producer. He is best known for his role as “Ben Wyatt” on the network comedy “Parks and Recreation.” He also starred in the cable comedy “Party Down...
ADEEL AKHTAR - (Dr. Barry Shaw on GHOSTED)
Adeel Akhtar currently can be seen in the hit independent comedy “The Big Sick.” He also appears opposite Dame Judi Dench in director Stephen Frears’ new film, “Victoria and Adbul,” scheduled for...
Amber Stevens West recently starred opposite Jerrod Carmichael, David Alan Grier and Loretta DeVine on the network comedy “The Carmichael Show.” She also starred on the comedy series “Greek” and...
ALLY WALKER - (Captain Ava Lafrey on GHOSTED)
Ally Walker is perhaps best known for her role as Peter Gallagher’s girlfriend in “While You Were Sleeping.” On television, she most recently appeared in recurring roles on the streaming series “...
TOM GORMICAN - (Creator/Writer/Executive Producer, GHOSTED)
Prior to GHOSTED, writer, director and producer Tom Gormican made his debut feature, “That Awkward Moment,” in 2014. Starring Zac Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan, the romantic comedy...
KEVIN ETTEN - (Writer/Executive Producer, GHOSTED)
Prior to GHOSTED, Kevin Etten was the showrunner and executive producer on the hit comedy series “Workaholics.” He got his start writing for “Ed” and has worked on several other series, including “...
NAOMI SCOTT - (Executive Producer, GHOSTED)
Naomi Scott recently completed the feature “Fun Mom Dinner,” starring Toni Collette, Molly Shannon, Katie Aselton, Bridget Everett, Adam Scott and Adam Levine. The film premiered at the 2017 Sundance...
MARK SCHULMAN - (Executive Producer, GHOSTED)
Mark Schulman is a senior talent manager and producer at 3 Arts, where he has helped guide the careers of many of Hollywood’s top personalities since 1998. Schulman’s first client was Craig Robinson...
OLY OBST - (Executive Producer, GHOSTED)
Oly Obst graduated from Pitzer College and has since worked at 3 Arts Entertainment for the last six years. In addition to GHOSTED, he serves as an executive producer on FOX’s THE MICK and THE...


Max & Leroy Follow Celeste | Season 1 Ep. 12 | GHOSTED

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GHOSTED: The Machine - Leroy poses as a rich guy, Max is his caddy. Airing 11/05/2017

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GHOSTED 101 - Leroy And Max Are A Packaged Deal

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