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Monday, May 15, 2017


Focus at Upfront on Creating Better Viewer Experiences, Brand Storytelling, Impact and Reach

LOS ANGELES – During the FOX 2017 Programming Presentation today, Fox Networks Group (FNG) President of Advertising Revenue Joe Marchese unveiled a number of new advertising initiatives designed to improve the efficacy and impact of brand storytelling across its portfolio.

Marchese said: “We’ve demonstrated that a vastly better viewer experience makes brands heroes and offers market-leading returns. By measuring what matters, using smart applications of data, innovations in advertising formats, and investments in brand storytelling, we’ll provide our partners with the highest return for every dollar spent based on actual attention received. And our viewers will enjoy the best possible storytelling experience.”

Guaranteed Optimization With MOAT:

FNG and NBC are enabling MOAT’s Video Quality Score across all on-demand viewing environments, and collaborating to bring MOAT measurement to Linear. Offering this consistent measurement solution enables marketers to optimize their campaigns and assess the efficiency of impressions. In addition, FNG will guarantee against MOAT’s Video Quality Score for the FNG portions of any campaign that implements MOAT campaign-wide.

Machine Learning with UP//LIFT:

UP//LIFT, powered by true[X], is a new brand lift optimization system. Through UP//LIFT’s machine learning algorithms, sentiment and brand survey data is collected and used to drive creative decision-making in near real time. For example, sentiment data gathered by UP//LIFT on FOX Sports GO during a 1pm NFL game can be leveraged to determine which creative a car company will run in the 4pm broadcast.

Reducing Ad Load to Improve Experience and Impact:

FNG’s Advanced Ad Product group is working to improve the viewer experience of watching television across all platforms, which creates higher quality consumer attention for advertisers. New advertising solutions include: sequenced creative throughout programming, cross-platform optimization of campaigns and single sponsor ‘exclusivity’ within on-demand streams. Leveraging these new advertising solutions, FX will no longer be selling standard commercials across digital and on-demand viewing environments, which will bring better attention and focus to brand partner messaging.

Revolutionizing Brand Storytelling at All City:

All City is Fox Networks Group’s new, exclusive integrated marketing agency. Led by former 20th Century Fox Film Chief Creative Officer Tony Sella, All City will partner with brands to make it easier to work with FOX Networks Group storytellers to develop branded content, capitalizing on the premium consumer attention available throughout FOX programming.

About Fox Networks Group

Fox Networks Group (FNG) is a primary operating unit of 21st Century Fox (NASDAQ:FOXA). FNG consists of Fox Television Group, which includes Fox Broadcasting Company and 20th Century Fox Television; Fox Sports Media Group; Fox Cable Networks, which includes FX Networks and National Geographic Partners; and Fox Networks Group Europe, Asia and Latin America. Together these units create, program and distribute the world’s most popular entertainment, sports and nonfiction programming.


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